09 tips to choose the best gifts this Christmas:

Gifts help define bonds and strengthen ties with family and friends. This is why we recommend you keep these tips in mind.

The act of gifting has been the subject of studies on human behavior by specialists in various areas: it helps define links and strengthens ties with family and friends. Therefore, when choosing a gift we must pay attention to the following points and sometime we also read the Christmas trivia questions and answers for the better understanding and choice.

1- When giving a gift we have to ask the basic questions:

What to give? Who is the gift for? When should a gift be made? And how should we make that gift? We must bear in mind that by answering these simple questions we can cause the desired effect with our gift.

2- To personalize the gift:

Sit down and make a list of the interests and tastes of the person. Try to write enough articles or experiences that I have told you that you like or know that you enjoy.

3- Discard personal gifts for people who are not so close:

It does not fail, in the Christmas exchange of the office someone touches you and you have to ask your colleague next door who he is. Or, at home, that distant cousin you had never seen but who invited this year to the party. In these cases, the most appropriate gifts are chocolates, coffee or special tea, a trip to the cinema or a subscription to Netflix (few people who do not like to go to the movies or watch TV), a gift card for a beauty salon (in case it is a woman), etc.

4 – For a child:

When choosing the gift you should avoid noisy objects that can cause scolding and disturb the peace of the home, objects that can hinder in a small apartment, or toys that get dirty and therefore cause disturbance to the child’s parents. Nor should toys be selected that could be dangerous. For this, we must take into account the age of the child and ensure that the toy is appropriate for its age.

5 – For teenagers:

If you are a close person then you probably already know what sports or hobbies they like. If you practice a sport, a new team, a piece signed by a celebrity or tickets to a game, they are perfect gifts. If you are interested in art or music, then art implements or a stereo can be good ideas. Doing an activity together is also a good gift because it involves spending time with the child. It can be an outing to eat at your favorite restaurant, an amusement park, climbing, etc.

6 – Reduce your ideas of potential gifts to three:

If you have too many ideas, you should narrow your selection. Think about what the person would most appreciate, what he would most use and what fits your budget.

7 – A simple detail is enhanced by a beautiful wrapper, adorned with taste and elegance:

We must not forget that the wrapping is the “dress” of the gift. Never even think of delivering an unwrapped gift. It is a sample of the little interest you have for the gift and for the person receiving it.

8- If you are going to order someone to buy a gift for you, make sure know what it is:

It is very impolite not to know what is sent (and dangerous because when we talk about it with the recipient, we may not know what they are talking about).

9- Include a card in the gift:

Many times this detail is valued more than the same gift. We recommend using a card that expresses what you feel for that person.

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