Christmas Sermon Outlines – Building Community

Part of preparing your Christmas Sermon Outlines, or any outlines for that matter, is knowing just how much time you have. As a preacher or teacher you usually have anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. With knowing how much time you have also often want to fill up that time. This is good. A big part of your job from week to week is teaching and preaching. As things are laid on your heart you should share them. You should use your time to its fullest so that you can best illustrate and explain the topic you are preaching on. But speaking is not your only job during a service. You also have a responsibility to try and build community.

Building community means that you give others opportunities to connect with one another and build relationships with each other. Pregacao evangelica This makes people feel welcome and puts in them a desire to come back. It also allows the opportunity for conversations that will spur people on to actually live the things out you are talking about. This obviously cannot happen if you use the whole time going through your Christmas Sermon Outlines. This means we have to develop a new idea about teaching.

Teaching is more than just you talking. You need to have time built in for others to connect with one another. Let them discuss and pray with one another. Let them build lasting relationships where they can encourage one another. This will not be easy. When I had to start giving up my time it was one of the most difficult things I have had to do. But I realized that it was not all about me. You also have to write differently and think outside the box. It has been ingrained in so many of us to write a certain way. We know exactly what needs to be in our Christmas Sermon Outlines in order for them to fill up the allotted time. You will not only not only have to look for things to leave out but also for creative things to add in so that community can be built.

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