CPD Oil Spill

Exxon moved quickly to put up oil containment booms. So far no oil has entered the lake. Well, that would be near impossible considering that the liquid oozing from the pipes is actual dilluted bitumen or “dilbit”. This is a dilluted product of a fuel extracted from the oil sands in Alberta, Canada. This is the same product hopeing to be shipped through the XL Pipeline if approved by Obama administration.

I think the reality is that this is an indicator of a much greater risk we are facing. I mean what are the positive benefits of tar sands oil for us the citizen?


  • Very large supply. Second largest oil field in the world.
  • Economically recoverable at today’s oil prices
  • Will help keep oil prices relatively low
  • Enormous growth potential. Less than 5 percent has been produced.
  • Big economic driver in Alberta. Jobs for Native Americans.
  • Stable source country (a rarity for oil)
  • GHG emissions could potentially be minimized through CCS

Now lets take a second and look very closely at the cons. With the added cbd tincture savings supposed by the pros above, what are going to be the added costs caused by the extremely negative side effects of the cons listed below?


  • Enormous GHG emissions. Oil sands are already Canada’s largest source of CO2 emissions.
  • Relatively low net energy return compared to other sources
  • Alberta, with only 10 percent of the population, emits the most GHG emissions of any province. Provincial government has been slow to respond.
  • Large amounts of water required: roughly 3:1
  • Water pollution. Roughly 3 million gallons of toxic runoff per day. Fifty square miles now covered in toxic pools
  • Destructive to major boreal forest, an important carbon sink
  • Widespread habitat destruction, both on land and water
  • Destructive to ancestral lands
  • Requires expensive and risky pipeline to reach faraway markets

Tar Sands Extraction and Processing

The process to get the oil out of the sand is horrible. Not only does it pollute massive amounts of water. It also requires the stripping of huge areas of land which CANNOT be restored to their original state. It is said that the deposits in Alberta Ca are the largest in the world, but how much can it really effect the price of crude oil


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