Cultures of the Viru Valley (of Peru)

A small area perhaps, with a big dent in the cultural field of Peru (a river valley leading out of the Andes to the Coast), perhaps dating back to 1050 BC, with several cultures coming out from the valley, or call them cultural shifts to AD 600, and beyond (I have spent some time in this area; as I have in most if not all, areas I write about).

From a period of agriculture (1050 BC) came, textiles and ceramics, and of course basket making.

The maize (corn) appeared on the northern coast with the Chavin cultures (such as in Trujillo south); but we have in the Viru Valley the Salinar Culture which gave rise to the Moshe, which you can see remnants of at the archeological site in Chan Chan, cultura chavin amongst others (Chan Chan is worth the visit, and the folks are friendly, and the site is huge).

The detailed ceramics of the cultural inhabitants of the Viru valley, especially their soldiers, are quite impressive.

The Viru Valley is perhaps the oldest area where researchers have continued to study in Peru, from around the world. Sipan, which dates to AD 200-250, in comparison is far from the oldest civilization of the area, although the most famous, with its golden treasures to adorn the eye, and mystic black ceramics, to make one spellbound.

The Viru Cultures, are most ancient and interesting, and worth a look for the common eye; don’t let all the archeologists have all the fun. Machu Picchu is not the only place worthwhile seeing in Peru, perhaps the most crowded now.

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