Beer reigns supreme at the annual Oktoberfest gala and this is one of the best times for people to join one of the Oktoberfest tours. This is a perfect way to discover Munich, Germany and explore the wonders of German beer and ale.

The celebration is a centuries old tradition that combines old world charm with modern day adventures, and never has there been a more reverently boisterous setting for Oktoberfest beer lovers to gather and explore the nuances of this fermented, aromatic beverage.

Each year Munich, Germany hosts the September celebration and welcomes visitors with Oktoberfest tours.Jeff Lewis Admits That He’s Been Drinking A Lot These Days Currently this famous beer festival attracts more than 5.5 million individuals for a gala 2 week event.

This celebration has been ongoing for 200 years and if you sign up for one of the Oktoberfest tours you have a wonderful opportunity to sample a wide variety of German beers, enjoy delicious foods and participate in games and other events.

You can become part of the enthusiastic crowd that fills the city of Munich to capacity each year. As a member of an Oktoberfest tours group you can experience firsthand the merriment, excitement and live entertainment that are all hallmarks of this autumn celebration. The two week festival begins in the middle of September and there are non-stop parties that last until the first of October.

The origins of this German beer festival date back to the early 19th century. This was when a major celebration was planned in honor of the wedding of Princess Therese and Prince Ludwig. The huge Oktoberfest celebration was intended as an event in which all of the townspeople could participate.

In the early years of the Munich Oktoberfest the major theme was a horse race but additional entertainments and attractions soon became part of the festivities. By 1818 there were a number of live entertainments in place and the beer tasting was introduced in 1896.

At first there were tents and hastily constructed booths that were used for Oktoberfest activities, but these were quickly outgrown within the span of a few years. By the time the 20th century had arrived the Oktoberfest landscape was dominated by large, colorful beer halls.

The end of the Oktoberfest celebration occurs on either the 1st of October or on the 3rd of the month. This date is dependent upon the day of the month when Germanys Unification Day is being celebrated. You can contact any of the Oktoberfest tours and find out additional information about the 2011 schedule.

Today Munich has seen their local Oktoberfest evolve into an international celebration involving music, entertainment, cultural events, and of course every conceivable brand of German ale and beer.

Each year the Oktoberfest celebration is held at Theresienwiese which is a park located in central Munich. The land was named in honor of Princess Therese (Theresien) and the German people are very proud of this famous connection that ties the present day celebrations to the original Oktoberfest event.

With more than 100,000 seats, two dozen main beer halls and a number of extra booths and temporary tents there is plenty of room for the enormous crowds that attend as part of their itenerary for Oktoberfest tours.

Every beer hall, tent or stand will offer a uniquely different experience for guests to enjoy. You may want to visit Kafers where many celebreties and officials will gather or perhaps you would prefer the vibrant, energy of the Hippodrom which is the preferred site for the younger guests.

At the Schottenhamel tent the very first keg of Oktoberfest beers will be tapped and only then is Oktoberfest declared open for business. During the daylight hours there is a more reserved atmosphere that is evident and this is when many families and seniors are in attendance. Beginning at about 6pm in the evening the music becomes loud and lively and the party atmosphere begins to heat up dramatically which is a major focus for many who are visiting with one of the Oktoberfest tours.

The beermakers of the Bavarian region are given their glorious moment in the sun and they make the most of it. You will have a chance to taste Oktoberfest beers made by Pauliner, Hofbrau, Augustine Brau and Hacker-Pschorr.

The varieties of beer will provide you with unique tastes and flavors. Among the beers that you may sample are Dunkels which are the darker ales made from carmelized malt; Helles which are pale, golden lagers and Dopplebock which is a beer that contains double the alcohol content of normal ales.

Oktoberfest also features amusement type rides and arcades as well as many different types of foods and snacks. Live music and dancing are also part of the daily events. Younger adults frequently visit the Banana and other nightclubs near the Maximillianplatz center.

If you have a little time for sightseeing then sign up with Oktoberfest tours and you can visit the Hofbrauhaus Brewery Museum or one of the local German art museusms such as Moderne Pinakothek. There are also cultural icons such as the Munich Zoo, the Neuschwanstein castle, the Gothic Cathedral and the Nmphenburg Palace to explore.


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