The best way to promote business is by using a method which not only attracts customers, but also makes them remember your brand. The best method is by offering customized recycled bags. Plastic usage has already been banned in the market. Companies are being fined, if they don’t stop distributing plastic bags and promote paper bags or reusable cloth bags.

If you’ve seen, various grocery and departmental stores, branded clothing stores, etc. have started using paper bags with their logo or reusable cloth bags with their brand name on it. To make it more attractive they use a bright color that reflects their brand. This is done to attract customers as they will feel proud in carrying it all the way back home. People use these bags often for shopping not because it is reusable, but also because of brand consciousness.

Another reason for promoting business with recycled bags is brand recognition. Those who see others using a recycled bag from a specific company, often have this curiosity to find about the brand name. This means, your brand is being recognized by all those who’re passing by the promotion bags. Thus, to attract people and make them use your promotional bag, it requires to be bright in color, attractive, comfortable and durable.

Custom Earth Promos markets customized eco-friendly items in bulk to businesses at a reasonable price. They started the business in 2009 which focused on customized recycled bags, but with time their products expanded from bags to jotters, seed papers, reusable bottles, USB drives, lanyards, etc. every product is eco-friendly and available at a reasonable price. No matter how many orders you place, they will never compromise with quality. You can check their list of collection on their online site Customearthpromos.Com.

Different businesses can have different reasons for providing customized reusable bags for promotion. Here are the best ways for using them –

  • If you have a wine or alcohol shop and want to promote your business, then offer your customers wine jute tote bags on purchase of certain amount, or just give out to special customers. You can also give them bags on festive seasons when people buy lots of drinks for parties and family gatherings.
  • Providing reusable bags in grocery stores is quite common. Often customers bring their own bags to stores, but sometimes their items are more than expected and at that time offer them your bags which are durable and have enough space.
  • Trade shows are to promote your brands and of course sell as much items as possible, but that doesn’t mean you’ll give away your bags like that. If you find any client or customer interested in your business and collect any brochures or goodies, then provide them with a logo bag to carry all stuff easily.
  • While rewarding your employees in office who have worked harder to increase sales and productivity, provide them with company’s bag stuffed with stationeries or any items like reusable bottle, souvenir, etc.
  • Retailers and other companies like skincare, pet shops sell their goods in bundle. Providing customers with bags that matches the color scheme of your shop and advertise your brand.

Use creativity to advertise your brand. Use fancy, yet decent and attractive colors, in creating reusable bags that catch everyone’s attention. People should feel happy and proud while flaunting these bags.

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