Learn How Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss Story Can Deliver Impact on Your Own Life

Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss is an example for a result of a weight loss program so coveted by many all around the world. People seem to be highly motivated by a success story from a celebrity in shedding some pounds off their body and aspire to also enjoy that moment when they are able to turn their life around for the better. The 45-year-old Vangsness was a person deemed overweight during her early days in CBS massive TV hit Criminal Minds. Then she turned many heads in a public appearance in 2014 where her physique was first observed significantly reduced in size.

So, what sort of heavy and strict diet does a Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss program entail? It turns out that there was no such thing as a choking regiment on her diet and there was no exercise that bordered on obsessiveness involved. She simply tuned in to a podcast by Renee Stephens. A once overweight individual herself, Stephens introduced what then is known as the Full-Filled weight loss program. She suffered from emotional-eating disorder when her food consumption grows significantly unhealthier the more she feels stressed out. She is also a former food addict who managed to free herself from such condition and through her podcasts she invites people to join in her weight loss program.

Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss through the Full-Filled program is more spiritual than it is physical. Of course, the reduced waist diameter comes as a bonus in this case. Key points to take note of this program include:

  1. Forgoing all the buzzwords closely associated with weight loss. If you are familiar with weight loss efforts taught by others, you would so often encounter the words “willpower” and “discipline”. For all intents and purposes, they might sound great but in believing in those words, you will eventually forget about loving yourself first.
  2. Learning how to accept yourself as you are. You would tend to hate the body you have the moment. By repairing that view toward your own body, you can start forging a better life in the future.

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